Always Be A Work In Progress!

Written by Baguera Jewellery


Posted on maio 09 2016

One of our goals for 2016 was to lower the earrings and rings prices...and guess what?!

We did it!!! Check it out here.

In the last few months we worked on that and made it possible! We know we are not Zara or H&M

regarding to prices and we are also more exclusive than those brands.

We like Zara and H&M, nothing against it, we love to shop there! But to us it is very important to not

follow trends and be truth to ourselves and our own ideas and creativity. Let's say our thing is more

Bimba Y Lola kinda style...!

So that said, our prices must be high and it's not only because we want to be placed in a certain

market but specially because our pieces are by choice handmade by us. There are no factories or

labor exploitation but a "homemade" production with a lot of perfectionism and dedication.

We finally set a production agreement that allowed us to work with accessible prices.

All that because of YOU.

You are SO important to us!

Thanks once again for being such a lovely fan of our pieces! We do it thinking about you...


Have a great week!


Baguera Team




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