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Jade, Sunset & Caribbean

Written by Baguera Jewellery


Posted on abril 28 2016

This year's theme is Tropicalia and we are all about being hot and lush!

Tropicalia is color, fresh, juicy, exotic, equatorial, warm and wild!

For May we launched these limited edition earrings and rings:


Jade Combo

Jade will always be exotic and exuberant, it reminds me of also reminds me

of the wild foliage of Amazonia. But either way I can't wait to wear them with a nice loose

black dress and a pair of golden sandals. Uuuh...I can already feel the sea mist mingling in the air.

Sunset Combo

The sunset drives me crazy! It's definitely one of my favourite moments of the day, that

moment when you let things flow because the day is almost over and you know you did

your best. Just wearing a pair of jeans and some sneakers, I can't imagine a better look

to be chilling and bouncing these amazing colour combination combo.

Caribbean Earrings

Caraíbas! What else? We don't need to say much about it...Sun, beach and cocktails!

When you want to make a difference these earring do it all. Honestly I think it matches with

every look or color. You just need to be in the mood for some unpredictable awesomeness!

Well, we hope you like our special pieces for this month! Stay tunned cause next month

we have more...oh much much more! We are sure you are gonna love it!


Baguera Team



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