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Indigo & Mocca Combos

Written by Baguera Jewellery


Posted on March 30 2016

Hello Spring! Our favourite season just started.

We long waited to see flowers blooming in their vibrant colours and yearn to feel the sun

burning lightly our skin as a pre sample of the hot Summer...

It's official: the days will be longer and warmer.

Spring is all about rebirth, growing, inspiring, creating, believing, bursting, relearning and

becoming. And of course laughing and jumping!

But it's also about colour and this year we begin to celebrate Spring in opaque blue and

mirrored brown.

Blue is the sky and the sea, it is freedom and imagination. Brown is the earth, wholesomeness

and elegance.

Indigo and Mocca are the new Baguera limited edition combos.

These two earrings and rings match fashionably well with the universal pastel colour trend

of this Spring.

There are only a few of them in stock. You will forever be on of the few women who got

them in these colours as we will not restock them.

If you are not in our subscriber list DO subscribe here so you can have access to the

25% Golden Costumer discount available for these new earrings and rings!

After subscribing you will get an email with the code.

If you need any help email us. This code is only available until next thursday 7th April.


Have fun and don't forget to be always blooming!




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